Starting a business can be a scary. We can help make the process and smooth and easy as possible.

If you’re thinking of incorporating let us explain the benefits and drawbacks the come with incorporating your business.

There are also other business structures available if you aren’t looking to incorporate that could better suit your needs. These other kinds of business structures include, but aren’t limited to; sole proprietorships and partnerships. We can guide you through this decision to make sure you know the risks and benefits that apply, so you can make the best choice.

If you have decided to incorporate we will assist in drafting bylaws, shareholder agreements, and in the creation of a tax plan for not only your business, but your family as well.

Here at Invictus LLP we also provide corporate record keeping services. We will hold your Minute Book and update it as necessary in accordance with the Business Corporations Act of Canada or your relevant provincial legislation.

Contact us today to ensure your business is as tax-efficient as possible.

CRA Resources

Keeping Records

Motor Vehicle Records

Maintaining Books and Records

Guide T4002, Business and Professional Income

Form T137, Request for Destruction of Records

Information Circular IC78-10, Books and Records Retention/Destruction

Information Circular IC05-1, Electronic Record Keeping

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